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Ever since my first daughter was born, I had wanted to be able to stay at home and be there for my family at all times. That was six years ago (2005). I have been looking high and low, surfing the net for a good home based business home income opportunity online that could augment what I am making as a registered nurse.

Finally, two years ago (2009), exactly 3 months after my second daughter Isabella was born, I stumbled upon a company called Site Build It! or SBI!. It intrigued me. The idea of a home based business home income opportunity that allows me to make my own website to generate an income is very appealing. In desperation, I even tried direct selling. I gave it a shot not once, but three times. I have dismally failed at all of them, not because of the products or the company but because of my own personality. I just am not good at direct selling or home parties. Period.

What I wanted to do is to find a great home based business home income opportunity where I could earn extra money from home without having to convince people about what I could give or do for them. I want for people to come to me looking for what they need, and me being able to give it to them. A passive income online opportunity would be ideal. But how and where to look?

I was browsing the web one day and stumbled upon this great gardening website. It was very informative and written in such a way that makes me want to read more. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the site anymore, but there was a link there about how they were able to create their website without any technical knowledge about website making at all. Curious, I clicked on it. That introduced me to Site Build It! and I knew even then that it has something that I was looking for.

Digging deeper, I learned more and more about website making. SBI! was able to provide answers to what I was seeking for! And I came to the conclusion that I can be an infopreneur!

"A what?!"

Allow me to explain further...

Since I am not a creative person, I cannot make crafts or unique items that other people might buy online. Scratch that one. How about selling hard goods online? Well, even if I do have an online store, where will I get the products? That will just be another additional expense. And even though if I do have the products to sell and have an online store but only me, my family and friends know about it, that is no help either. How will I drive traffic to my site then? Bummer. Now, this is where the business of information makes sense!

So, what then is an infopreneur? An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in information. They provide, promote, and distribute knowledge, usually within a niche market.

What do you know that others don't? Are you skilled in organizing? How about cooking and baking? Maybe gardening? If you have a hobby or a topic that you are passionate about, why not turn that knowledge into business? Aha! Now, that's a new concept!

Read here to learn more about this awesome home business income opportunity!

Tortoise vs. Hare

This is not a get-rich scheme. So, if you think things will just work out overnight and make you a great big success, then think again. This involves a lot of work, research and dedication. But with determination and perseverance, success will come.

I signed up with SBI! exactly 3 months after I delivered my second child. This was in April of 2009. I was blessed with a very content child, so I was able to research and write informative articles about my chosen niche. After working on it for about 6 months, I have to cut off our internet connection due to financial reasons. At that point I have already written about 75 articles and have already incorporated Google Ads in my site. A year later, I was able to hook back up to the internet and I continued working on my website again but not as often as I did initially since I was back to working part-time.

Finally, two years after I started, my site can pay for itself. My homepage ranks on the top 5 on Google (check it out, the keyword is outdoor wedding ideas. And I have one page that ranks no.1 on the outdoor wedding pro keyword. I have at least 10 pages that rank on the top 10 of either Google, Yahoo or Bing. And all because I write about something that I am passionate about. And the best thing? I love doing it! And one day soon, time will come when I will be able to choose to stay at home and be with my family and at the same time, earning a passive income online.

Want to know more about real people with real results? Watch and listen to this mom who had been through it all and found financial freedom and hope through SBI!.

Thinking about making money from home too? Looking for a doable home based business home income opportunity that might be right for you? Give yourself a chance to succeed. Try SBI! and you will be glad you did.

My Call to Action

After studying the company and what they have to offer, and after consulting my husband and getting his input and opinion, I decided to sign up with the company. And was I surprised at what I can do with SBI! I have no technical knowledge about website making at all. My background is in health and nursing. But this company has walked me through from the very start by helping me find the best niche to write about and to the actual website building.

Why an outdoor wedding website, you might wonder. Well, when planning for my own outdoor wedding, I was at a loss at how to start. I don't know anything about planning a wedding, most of all, an outdoor one. What should I consider? What are the pros and cons? What is the next step? Hence, this outdoor wedding planning website. My goal is to help brides by giving them insights, ideas and relevant information needed to plan their outdoor wedding event.

walking down the aisle gazebo bride and groom bride and groom kissing by the lake
Nick and I walking down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. Incredible moment! Taken before our wedding ceremony. We did our photo shoot the non-traditional way. The advantage? It saved us time. This photo was taken after the wedding ceremony right by the lake.

Nick and I had our wedding at one of the local country clubs. I always wanted something non-traditional, and I love the beauty of nature. Fortunately, Nick had no objections to being married outdoors so we decided early on to have an outdoor wedding. And that was the start of constantly looking for outdoor wedding locations and was it fun! We finally decided on the country club because of the nice landscape, the gazebos and trellises which make for great photo ops. Most of all, the clincher was the secluded wooded area near a small lake - and that's where we had our outdoor wedding ceremony.

When planning a wedding, it seems that you cannot see beyond that point. You are totally consumed by the thought to the exclusion of everything else. It's in your mind 24/7. Then your wedding day comes and the culmination of all your planning arrives - and the next thing you know, it is all over.

Life After The Wedding...

nick and maya playing school at Christmas time Maya loves to pretend playing school. She is the teacher and the student is her daddy. She is teaching math here and doing art at the same time. Multitasking already!
maya giving me flower during summer time Maya loves playing outdoors. She found a pretty flower while playing in the yard and she gave it to me. Sweet!
manila wedding Nick and I attended a friend's wedding in Manila while we were on vacation. Nick had the traditional Barong Tagalog on. He wore it well!

Real life! That is what's after the wedding euphoria.

My husband and I went through the usual adjustments. It was specially tough because he was laid off a couple of weeks before the wedding. But we got through that phase. We were able to buy a house. We had a baby soon after which is a joy and a blessing. We had our ups and downs like all married couples do but through it all we have our anchor in our Lord Jesus Christ because He is the center of our marriage.

family portrait Photo taken 3 weeks after I had my second child, Isabella. Maya is about 4 years old at that time.
Bella playing with doll Bella is now 2 years old. She loves playing with dolls, cars and trains. She will soon be a big sister!
daddy taking care of his daughter Bella trying to wiggle away from Nick who is doing his best to secure her shoe on. See how much fun family life is?

Now, I have 2 girls and a newborn baby boy. What a blessing!

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