Wedding Cake Ideas

Trendy Wedding Cake Ideas: Popular Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Cake

The tradition of wedding cakes during the wedding reception can be traced as far back as the ancient times. Wedding cakes range from the very simple to the most elaborate and elegant.

Nowadays though, because of the increasing downturn in our economy, couples are much more conscious of the money they have to spend for their wedding. For this reason, they are more apt to stick to their set budget and instead are looking up trendy and less expensive alternatives to traditional wedding cakes.

  • Serve cheesecakes,wedding cupcakes and specialty deserts. Rather than one large cake, a cupcake wedding cake is made from small, single pieces of cake known as cupcakes.
  • wedding cupcake chocolate

  • Display a decorative wedding cake during the reception and use this for the traditional wedding cake cutting. Purchase large sheet cakes from grocery stores and actually serve these to the guests.
  • decorative wedding cake

  • Create your own wedding cake. More and more couple are turning to the internet, searching for wedding cake recipes that they can use to create their own cakes.
  • groom's cake

  • Groom's cake. Groom's cake are currently getting popular. They are usually served after the rehearsal dinner and are designed according to a special interest of the groom's. An example might be a cake shaped like a sports car or a football with his favorite team's logo on it.

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