Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas

I am not a very creative person by nature and coming up with original do-it-yourself wedding ideas is near to impossible for me. So, when planning for my own wedding, I knew I have to look to other resources to help my very limited creative juices flowing.

I looked and researched online and browsed the world wide web, poured over bridal magazines for inspiration and asked families and friends for inputs and ideas. I may not be creative but I can be inspired and be able to create too.

do-it-yourself wedding invitation

My DIY wedding invitation.

What Wedding Projects Have You Made?

Have you created do-it-yourself wedding projects for your own wedding, for a family or for a good friend? We would love to know about it!

Please share with us who you made it for, how you made it and the materials needed to create it. You can even add photos of the finished product to show off your creativity!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Mason Jar Lamps 
Several people have asked how we created the mason jar candle holders. While I don't have the tools here to do a good step-by-step with pictures, here's …

"Fore Ever" Golf Balls 
This is a great wedding favor to make for those couples who love golfing. This is a gift that sports fans in your wedding will definitely appreciate. …

How to Decorate Wedding Arches  
A very good friend of mine did my wedding arch for my wedding. He did not do it exactly like the ones shown here but this video has lots of helpful tips …

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