Wedding Toasts and Speeches

For most people involved, giving wedding toasts during the reception is a very daunting task.

A toast is someone or something in honor of which people usually have a drink, the drink or honor itself, or the act of indicating that honor.

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During a wedding celebration, the best man proposes a toast in the form of best wishes and congratulations the newly married couple. Some breeze right through it, other sweat it out.

The maid of honor also proposes a toast usually to the bride. The best speech include funny stories growing up with sentimental friendship and love.

Traditionally, the speech would be given during the wedding party. It is recommended to make a wedding speech that includes various emotions. Some, like to be spontaneous and not rehearse anything prior to making the toast while others usually bring notes or a prepared speech.

Best Man The best man dons the mantle of master of ceremonies, offering the first toast and then calling for the others who wish to offer toasts.

Maid of Honor Yes, you may need to give a speech too.

Bride and Groom. You are the star of the night, whatever you say, your guests will love.

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