Romantic Outdoor Wedding Locations

Looking for romantic outdoor wedding locations to celebrate your union? If you like sea, sun and sand, then consider these three romantic wedding locations that are very popular among couples today.

Outdoor Wedding Locations #1: Destination Weddings

There are a lot of ways you can make your wedding more romantic and memorable. Destination weddings certainly does that. It is no doubt that destination weddings are here to stay. More and more couples today are celebrating their special day at a beautiful location surrounded by breath taking scenery.

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A destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a location people like to travel to for vacations - such as resorts, bed & breakfast inns, or beaches.

This kind of wedding is usually for couples who want to have the beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding without the added stress of planning for everything.

Destination weddings takes the guesswork and stress out of planning your own outdoor wedding since the places that cater to this offer a lot of wedding packages that would be tailored to your needs.

Outdoor Wedding Locations #2: Beach Weddings

So, your dreaming of a beach wedding, with the wind and the surf, the tugging of water in your toes... Making that dream a reality isn't really difficult or as expensive as you might think. Beach weddings does not necessarily have to be out in the Caribbean or in Hawaii. Just let your fingers do the walking for you, go online and search for beach wedding packages and find one the suit your needs. So, why not consider having a wedding by the ocean and make a memory of a lifetime!

Read here for more beach wedding tips, outdoor wedding locations and advice.

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Outdoor Wedding Locations #3: Cruise Weddings

Another outdoor wedding locations that's rising quickly to the top of popularity are cruise weddings. Most people think of cruises as being very, very expensive, but what most couples are not aware of is that celebrating your wedding at sea is an economical and efficient way to stage your event. You'll be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to conduct a wedding on a ship compared to a land-based venue.

You may be wondering what time of year is best for your wedding cruise. Although most weddings on land take place in the months of June, August and May, these months may not be the best for a cruise to your destination. Typically, you can only cruise to the Caribbean between April and October, Alaska between May and September, and Europe between April and November. There are also “peak rates” for the times of year that are the most popular, so be sure to take a good look as to when you'd want to cruise. If you are flexible on your wedding date, you may be able to get a better deal on your wedding cruise package.

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