Creative Marriage Proposals

It is always riveting witnessing creative marriage proposals made very public, but more so when it is a marriage proposal gone bad! Here are some of the creative marriage proposals...

Most Unusual Proposal

A young man giving the valedictorian speech at his commencement respectfully said "I have worked for four years for my bachelor's degree, but I would like to give it back. I don't want to be a bachelor anymore." He invited his girlfriend to come forward (a graduate also) and in front of the entire class, faculty, and family members, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

Proposals Gone Bad (be sure she wants to marry you)

During half-time at a college basketball game, a young man gets his girlfriend out in the middle of the court, and in front of the entire audience asks her to marry him. She looks shocked and embarrassed and finally whispers to him, "I can't do it right now" and runs off the court leaving him to be comforted by the team's mascot--a large overgrown mouse.

On a live television show the host asked a young man to come down from the audience. He turns the microphone over to the young man who stammers as he turns toward the audience and asks his girlfriend to marry him. She shakes her head as she clutches her hands, and says to him "can we talk about this later?" as the music begins to play and the screen goes black.

One hopeful groom put a lot of thought into how he would pop the question to the love of his life. He decided to hide the engagement ring in a Wendy's Frosty milk shake and let her discover it. She reached the end of the milk shake, and -- uh-oh. No ring. It took an X-ray to make her believe what had happened. Once the bride-to-be saw the x-ray image of the ring inside her, her beloved dropped to one knee and proposed.

She said "yes," the ring was retrieved, and she wears it to this day.

Well-Thought-Out Proposals

When the groom to be thinks about the things his beloved loves the most and includes it into the proposal the results are usually positive...

A young woman loved her sports car more than anything, so her boyfriend arranged for her to be pulled over on the way home from work by the local police. When the officer asked her to exit the car, her boyfriend was on his knee ready to propose to her.

If she likes teddy bears, give her one with a Hershey kiss attached with a ribbon, and a ring!

Put different types of candy in a basket and describe how each candy reflects your relationship. Mr. Goodbar because she has a good man. Almond Joy because you're nuts about her, 100 Grand because she is worth more than anything to you. Have the ring at the bottom of the basket--telling her all the reasons that you love her and want to marry her.

Arrange a special dinner at your favorite restaurant. Have a special insert "menu" premade that tells all the reasons why she should choose to marry you--after all you are the only thing on the menu! Get down on one knee and propose. (If she doesn't mind drawing the attention of others.)

Creative Marriage Proposals for pet lovers...

Tie the ring to your cat or dog's collar, and when you call the pet, get down on one knee and propose.

Creative Marriage Proposals for the writer...

Write your proposal and place it in a unique bottle and place it in a treasure box, wrapped as gift. It will always be remembered and kept as a keepsake.

Creative Marriage Proposals for the game lover...

Have a jigsaw puzzle created and let your sweetie piece your proposal together. Not only will it serve as your marriage proposal, you will have a souvenir of the moment too.

Creative Marriage Proposals for the techie...

Take a picture of yourself holding a "Will you marry me?" sign and email it to her. Make sure you are around when she receives it so that you can get down on one knee and propose.

Creative Marriage Proposals for the photographer...

Make a scrapbook of your time together. On the last page have a picture of you with a sign asking her to marry you. . . be ready with a camera and a ring!

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Your Marriage Proposal Story

Some marriage proposals are straight-forward and to the point, others are more elaborate and very involved. Some are just too funny, and others out of this world. However way you got proposed to, we would love to hear from you.

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