Design Your Own Engagement Ring:
A Groom's Perspective

When it comes to having to design your own engagement ring what does any guy know? The chances are high that he doesn’t know anything. It is not like you buy this type of jewelry every year. How do you know you are not getting ripped off?

As a guy, I found myself in this situation before proposing to my wife. At the time, I was smart enough to do a little bit of internet research. What I found was that there was only one website on the internet that could satisfy my exacting standards. That website was Blue Nile.

Why Blue Nile?

What sets Blue Nile apart from all other online engagement ring websites, and your local jeweler, is simply the whole package:

  • ease of navigation
  • quality of information
  • variety of selection
  • ease of selection
  • lowest price
  • quick delivery
  • and beautiful presentation

Yes, financing is available and FREE FedEx Shipping and 30-day Returns on all orders at Blue Nile is in effect. To top it all off, the staff is friendly too!

Design Your Own Engagement Ring Guide

My first need was to get educated without having a salesman guiding me to the ring that he wanted me to buy. The information presented to me was extremely clear, and I soon found out that there is more to diamonds than the carat size. I wanted something that really sparkled, yet met my price range.

Shopping at Blue Nile gives you the advantage of having access to their entire inventory. You don’t get this when you go into a jewelry store in the mall. In a mall, you will be able to buy what they have on hand, but not what they have in all of the other locations they have scattered across the country.

The build your own diamond ring tool was just what I needed to sort through this incredible variety of diamonds, without getting overwhelmed. Just pick what shape you want your diamond to be, then set the price range you would like to stay in, and the ranges you want for carat, color, cut, and clarity. Suddenly, you are presented with a narrow selection of just what you wanted. Sort the list by price, and you can tell which variations you prefer.

Just add the setting of your choice in platinum, gold, or silver, and it comes complete with a finely finished lacquered wooden box to present to the love of your life.

By Nicholas
Blue Nile Customer

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