Design Your Own Wedding Dress

What if you want to design your own wedding dress, would that be possible?

Nowadays, most brides usually shop the bridal stores for the perfect wedding gown. But you don't have to be most brides. If you want to design your own wedding gown, and have it specially made and tailored for you, take these things into consideration.

First off, determine how formal or informal your wedding is going to be. Following are guidelines in choosing gowns according to formality level.

Ultra-Formal and Formal

Full Length Gown

  • Train at chapel length (1 yard) or cathedral length (longer than 1 yard)
  • A long veil or tiara with veil
  • Detailed or simple embellishments to the gown
  • Gloves


Floor-Length Gown or Cocktail Length Dress

  • Sweep train
  • Waist-length or fingertip veil


Floor Length or Cocktail Length Dress

  • Suit Dress
  • Slip Dress
  • No veil
  • Hair ornamentation (floral wreath, flower accents, jeweled clips)

The Right Gown For Your Shape

Now, find the perfect gown for you! Here are some tips in choosing the style of gown that flatters your body shape.

  1. Princess gowns and A-lines are considered the most flattering styles, as they add height and length to the body.

  2. A bride with slender, well-toned body might choose a sheath dress for a fitted line and a sexy look.

  3. V-line waists or basque cuts elongate the torso and make a short-waisted bride appear slimmer.

  4. Full skirts hide larger hips or bottoms.

  5. A sweetheart neckline flatters a busty bride.

  6. A square-cut neckline also flatters the busty bride.

  7. Brides with significant chests should avoid busy patterns above the waist or the horizontal fabric lines across the chest.

  8. Brides with smaller chests can enhance their bustlines with a fitted corset that gives some lift, or with some detail at the neckline that offers impression of size.

  9. If you have great arms you are proud of, go sleeveless.

Best Fabrics for Your Outdoor Wedding Dress

Certain fabrics do hold up better in outdoor weather, as far as being light with some "breathing" capacity so you don't perspire too much. Fabrics with natural fiber content like cotton weaves allow the dress to release heat from the body. Synthetics stick to the body and trap heat and moisture. Avoid appliques or beading that can add more weight and bulk to your dress as well.

The following are suggested fabrics for outdoor weddings.

  • Silk Chiffon
  • Silk Organza
  • Silk Tulle
  • Lightweight Satin
  • Shantung
  • Linen

Design Your Own Wedding Dress Tip: Visit informative wedding websites like the that offer interactive tools that allow you to enter your own gown criteria (like choice of neckline, length, etc)and view samples of matching choices.

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