Fall Wedding Decorations

Think autumn harvest when brainstorming for fall wedding decorations. A medley of textures such as beautiful berries, fall foliage, and autumn accessories create the look of a bountiful harvest.

Seating card holders. How about seasonal fruits like pomegranates and miniature pumpkin as seating card holders? You can place each seating card on top of the pomegranate or pin it on a miniature pumpkin. These are great and unique ideas for fall wedding decorations.

Other card holder ideas could include using fall-themed place card holders like maple leaf or a fall leaf tea-light like the one below.

The leaves are aflame with the lively colors of fall. a cozy fire warms your hands and your heart. and giddy guests depart with a dazzling memento of your autumn event. The exquisitely crafted. metal maple leaf displays every hue in Mother Nature's autumn palette. and when lit by the tea-light. it glows with the brilliance of the season. This 3" fall favor also serves as a place card holder and is sold as a set of four.
For more fall wedding decorations and centerpiece ideas, fill up different sizes of baskets with apples accented with autumn leaves. The guests can then take it home with them at the end of the reception. Another idea is, instead of baskets, use glass bowls and fill them up with different kinds of fruits like pomegranates, plums or gourds of varying sizes.

If you want to go with candles for your fall wedding decorations, consider scented candles with scents like cinnamon or pumpkin spice. Surround the location with plenty of candle light to provide warm ambiance to the whole scenario. For a centerpiece, use a small frameless mirror and place candles of various sizes on top - the reflecting light is beautiful and exudes elegance, especially at an evening reception.

These royal rose centerpieces arrive so perfectly arranged that all you have to do is drop them in a vase, and place them on your reception tables for instant decoration. The roses can also be used at the ceremony, on the cake table, gift table and more. The flowers are harvested specifically for your wedding, then professionally arranged and delivered to your door three days before the event in a specially engineered box. This process ensures you get gorgeous, affordable flowers that last longer than those from a florist or retail store. Freshness and on-time delivery are guaranteed. Collection includes 12 centerpiece arrangements.

More fall wedding decorations and ideas include using fake trees (you can get them from craft stores) or real ones and placing white twinkle lights on them. Use fall leaf garlands along entryways. Place clumps of berries on guest book table and cake table. A carved pumpkin with tea lights inside placed in strategic areas makes for a great decoration.

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