My Wedding By The Lake

Below are some outdoor wedding photos from my own wedding which was held at The Montdale Country Club in Montdale, Pennsylvania. Photos courtesy of Oaktree Photography.

outdoor wedding entourage by the gazeboWe did our photo shoot before the wedding ceremony. Definitely non-traditional but it worked well for us. It took a lot of waiting time off for the guests for we were able to start the wedding reception right after the ceremony.
outdoor wedding ceremony first kissIt was a sunny but windy day. I remember shivering so much in my gown. I did have a wrap but it was not practical to use it during the wedding ceremony.
nontraditional bridal car red convertibleI love convertibles and so does Nick! Since our outdoor wedding ceremony is just a walking distance away from the country club where we had our indoor wedding reception, there was no need to get a limo for the whole wedding party. Hence, the 2-seater red convertible!