Ideas On How To Make Wedding CD Favors

Wedding CD favors are unique wedding tokens that is truly personal and one which guests will certainly cherish and treasure.

What you include in your CD is entirely up to you. Ideas can include your favorite love songs, music played during your wedding or an album of your treasured photos together.

Make It Personal

You are not just limited to music when it comes to what you can put in your wedding CD. You can opt to have a photo gallery of the two of you ranging from baby pictures up to when you finally met. You can include photographs of places where you two have traveled together, your favorite things to do and any special hobby each of you have. Do you like to cook? Take a photo of each of your favorite dish and include a recipe so your guests can make them if they want.

Consider The Wedding Theme

You can get ideas on what to put on your CD by considering your wedding theme. If you are you having a beach wedding, consider making a music CD with that theme in mind and pick out music that fits. You can then package your CD favors based on your wedding theme. When choosing your songs keep in mind that the number of songs you can put on your CD can vary on the length of the songs. It is best to use only 15 songs, just to be sure.

wedding CD favor cover

Wedding CD Covers and CD Labels

You can buy blank CDs, CD covers and CD labels from any office supply store in your area or any of your local craft stores. There are also special wedding CD favor cover kits that DIY brides can purchase to make the wedding CD favor packaging more special and memorable.

Burn Your CD

Because burning CDs can be time consuming, start doing it as early as you can. You will need a CD burner on your computer to make it. Follow all the instructions and make sure you listen to the CD all the way through before making copies to be sure the songs are complete.

Table of Contents

Make note of the chronological order of your music selections if you are making a music CD. It will be a good idea to do a table of contents on the CD label so guests will know what is inside the CD. Here is a sample of a wedding CD table of contents:

  • Nick and Arlene - Through the Years
  • How We Met
  • Our Love Story
  • On Bended Knees
  • Thank You

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