Wedding Ceremony Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Outdoors

Below are wedding ceremony ideas that each bride and groom needs to consider, adding a personal touch in their outdoor wedding ceremony making it memorable for them and their guests.

Butterfly Releases
Having Monarch butterflies released at the end of your wedding ceremony is an unbelievably beautiful experience for your and guests. It will truly make for a memorably unique wedding experience.

Original Wedding vows
You and your groom can write your own wedding vows to reflect your love for each other. Reflect on what is unique about each other, list them down. Describe what makes your relationship special. If your marriage is going to be a blending of two families, learn how to make your own blended family wedding vows.

Special Wedding Reading
Choose a special wedding reading that could be read during the wedding ceremony. It could either be a chapter from the Bible, like the love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13 or some verses from the Songs of Solomon. You can ask your Pastor for more suggestions on this one.

Poetry is another source of reading. Choose from the works of great poets like Elizabeth Barrett Browning ( Sonnets from the Portuguese), William Shakespeare and William Butler Yeats.

Cultural Traditions
Another way of personalizing the ceremony is incorporating cultural rituals and traditions that reflect who you are and what you believe in.

musical notes Music is another way of making your ceremony memorable. Your choices in music says a lot about you as a couple. Pick a song that has a special meaning for you and your groom and have a vocalist sing it for you during the ceremony, for example, during the lighting of the unity candle.

Wedding programs. This is another way of personalizing your wedding and making it an expression of you as a couple. It adds a special touch to your ceremony and invite your guests' involvement by explaining different aspects of your ceremony, especially if you are incorporating certain cultural rituals and traditions.

Your wedding day is joyful celebration of the love and commitment that you and your groom share. Take the time to consider what wedding ceremony ideas you think would best express your uniqueness as a couple and make your outdoor wedding ceremony memorable.

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