Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies: Descriptions and Planning Considerations

The beauty of outdoor wedding ceremonies is that it could be held at any given place that is important to you and your groom.

It is generally easy to pick where you want to have the wedding ceremony but planning one is a different story. So, here are general considerations and outdoor wedding ideas to help simplify your wedding planning.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies Venue #1: Backyard Wedding

For some brides, they may not need to look any farther when searching for a wedding ceremony location than their own backyard. This location is very meaningful for one simple reason. It is the place where childhood memories were made. It is home.

Planning Considerations for a Backyard Wedding Ceremony

  • Make sure area is adequate enough to accommodate the number of guests you have invited.
  • If putting up a tent, locate a place where the grounds are even.
  • Map out the place, determine where you want the altar to be, how the guests will be seated and from what point will you be approaching the altar.
  • Use an arbor, trellis or arch for an altar where you will exchange your wedding vows. Decorate it with flowers, tulles or organzas.
  • Permits. You may not think this is necessary but it is. These permits include parking (especially if overnight), outdoor gatherings, liquor consumption and noise-curfew exemptions.
  • Unless your house is located in the country and you have unlimited space for parking, make sure that you provide clear instructions where your guests are allowed to park.
  • Protect your valuables. Put them away for your own peace of mind. There will be many people in the house during the day of the wedding, guests and wedding caterer's alike.
  • This may not sound romantic but it is very practical. Get your septic system checked and pumped weeks before the big day. A huge amount of people will be using your bathrooms, so make sure everything is in working order.
  • Set up a place in your kitchen for your caterer's to work on, if you are not not going to set up a caterer's tent.
  • Make a list of needed wedding rentals .
  • Always have a Plan B.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies Venue #2: Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is the most popular style of all outdoor weddings, as most wedding experts would agree.

And why wouldn't it be? The setting is very relaxed. Brides can have the freedom to choose wedding dresses that are not traditional in nature. They can even go barefoot in the sand! The romantic setting of a beach wedding also lends so much to its desirability. The lapping sound of the waves as it hits the shore, the magnificent expanse of seascape that the eyes could feast on. And the list just goes on.

Planning Considerations for a Beach Wedding Ceremony

  • Permits. Check the local area's townhall for a list of required permits.
  • Sand. Too hot sand makes it hard for the bride to go on barefoot. How about cleanliness? Some beaches are pristine, some have more litters than others. You might want to assign somebody the responsibility of raking the sand for debris before the ceremony starts.
  • Consider using Unity Sand during the wedding ceremony in lieu of a unity candle. The wind factor will make it very hard to keep the candles lit. Using a unity sand complements your beach wedding location and it is a lot more practical to use in a beach setting.
  • Good and reliable sound system. Make sure the sound of the waves don't drown your original wedding vows and the beautiful music coming from your string quartet.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies Venue #3: Boat Wedding

Have you ever considered a boat wedding?

A boat wedding is a unique and memorable experience. The ceremony could be performed on the top deck of a yacht and the reception could be held on a lower enclosed deck to protect the wedding party in the event of rain or inclement weather.

Planning Considerations for a Boat Wedding Ceremony

  • Make sure there is a sheltered deck to protect from cool night air as well as rain during the ceremony.
  • If performing the ceremony on the top deck, make sure there is good floor traction to prevent any accidental slipping if a wave should moisten the deck.
  • Check the safety setup. All boats should have the appropriate number of lifeboats and life preserver jackets to ensure safety, as well as flares, oxygen, first aid kit and other safety measures.
  • Wheelchair friendly gangway. You want to make sure it is safe and easy to board the boat for your guests, especially for handicapped guests. A sturdy metal gangway with handrails is the best.
  • If you prefer to avoid the open seas and the motion of the boat, ask the captain if you can have your wedding on the boat while it is moored at the pier.

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